Post mortem set cased by Dröll of Mannheim


A post mortem set of Friedrich Dröll of 1870-1900. The set contains a pair of metal scissors, six surgical knives, two chain hooks. The set comes with its original black leathered case, with on the inner side the original lable stating ‘Fabrik Chirurgischer Fr: Dröll in Mannheim Instrumente’ on purple velvet with a decorative golden edge.

Dröll advertised in the world exhibitions of Vienna of 1873: ‘Friedr. Dröll of Mannheim, Baden was selling Künstliche Arme und Beine, Maschine für Oberarmbruch, chirurgische Instrumente und Bandagen.‘ Also in Kelly’s Directory of Merchants, Manufacturers and Shippers (1907) an advertisement is to be found of the surgical instruments manufacturer Friedr. Droll.

Measurements: 6,8 x 9,4 x 3 cm.

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