Simple Compound Microscope, Dutch C 1760.


Simple / Compound Microscope, Dutch C 1760. The circulair wooden base of the microscope is  9,5 cm in diameter. A rectangular hollow pillar is screwed on the base The Gimbal for the single mirror, with a brass protection cover , is screwed to the pillar. Circular stage and a circular spring clip are screwed to the top of the pillar, A brass plate within the pillar may be adjusted with a control in the center  of the pillar. The plate is bent at the top to form for the lens holder. The compound tube is late made but made by the same maker if you see the material and finishing touch. The tube can be screwed on the top of the lens holder.

The simple microscope comes in an original oak box. Accessoires are the extra tube with a lens and a hook gap ( use of this isn’t known for us), 6 lenses, two boxes with 6 buxwood slides, one metal slid, mirror lid and, a pewter centre rule with 4 holes.

This instrument is simulair to one in the Utrecht University museum which was presented by the Foundation of Renswoude, and was probably the work of one of the wards of that foundation.

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