Sterrop solar microscope. C 1760


A Brass Solar microscope by Sterrop, London. Signed on the square rotating base-plate, the mirror with geared adjustment, the body tube with slide carrier to the top and slot for the objective lenses, rack and pinion for focusing, together with a brass slider with four numbered objectives, two various brass and one wooden slide with objectives (some beads lacking), six bone and one brass slide with various specimen. In the original fitted mahogany case and the microscope is circa 24 cm. high. Measurements box 7 x 21.5 x 17 cm.

Information of the Museum of the history Science in Oxford:

The brass body screws into the back plate. A rectangular mirror is set on the rear of the brass plate and two wing nuts on the front adjust the position and angle of the mirror. The slide carrier screws onto the other end of the body tube. It consists of an outer cylinder with two rectangular sections cut away and a thread in the end to take the projection lens. There is also a dovetail slot to take a brass slide with four objective lenses. A rack and pinion, for focusing, extends the outer cylinder from an inner cylinder that holds the stage and an third, spring mounted, cylinder. The stage is two disks that are pushed together by the spring cylinder. The fitted case is mahogany with green felt facing the supports and lining the lid. There are fittings on lid of the case that can hold mirror

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