A French Ovale 18th C Ivory Diptych dial.

On application

An Ovale French Ivory Diptych dial consisting of two leaves that fold together, first part 18th C .The top of the lid, with round edge is blank with the the brass hinges, Pins of the plump line, Gnomon string and hole for closing pin. A brass pointer is mounted on the lid to act as a plumb line (string Gnomon is missing). The hour-scale, nummered clockwise 5 – 12 -7 in black is subdived in 15 minutes and corresponds to the latitude of about 49°  what is Paris. A blued Iron needle (with some oxidation) surmounted by a brass pivot and a original cracked glass plate , fixed by a brass wire over all.  The paperdial with a 16 points rose have a fleur de lys at twelve with a circle graduated 0-90-0-90-0° The underside , with rounding edge, is coloured during the time and you can see an imprint with a crack of the inside compass. Two brass hook fasteners and hinges are original. Measurements 6,5 x 5 x 1,2 cm.


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