Analemmatic sundial. 1876

On application

This sundial is a remarkable copy of a sundial located on the square of the church of brou bourg-en-bresse, and that is the oldest analemmatique sundial (building church 1513). It is gerestaureert in 1760, at their own expense by astronomer j. Lefracois jérôme de lalande (1732-1807), child from boug-en-bresse,. The analemmatique sundial is a dial which you can see the time of the intersection of an ellipse and studied shade of a straight pin. It is derived from a projection of an equatorial solar walk on the flat surface of the sundial. The shadow of the pin is changed during the summer and is dependent of the deviation and the position of the sun. On the label to the back side reads: ‘ cadran elliptique the jérome lalande, eglise de brou bourg en bresse, a latitude du lieu 46 o 12mn21sec. Déclination 17o (a) chaque mois du nord/heuren moyennes de l’oust. Fais and 1876 par rougemont, proffesseur the dessin. Dim: 29 x 18.5 x 3.5cm.

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