Albrecht Karner Ivory Sundial, C 1650

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An Albrecht Karner (1619-1687) Ivory Sundial with the logo of Albrecht on the bottom of the Sundial. Having regard to the magnetic inclination and in certain way simpler look of the Sundial, the Sundial is from the early days of Albrecht. The logo is mentioned in the books “Ivory Diptych Sundials” (Harvard University) and “The Ivory Sundials or Nurnberg”. In addition there are three grouped decorative motifs on the front in the form of Red Suns. These Suns were used by multiple members of the fam. Karner. Hinges and brackets are in original condition, the shooting wire is not present. The sundial is located in a sheath of a later period. Dimensions 5 x 3.7 x 1 cm.

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