Adams-Jones most improved microscope by Dollond

On application

This Adams-Jones most improved microscope by Dollond from the first quarter of the 19th century arises from an folding three-legged tripod stand with ‘Dollond London’ signature. A gently curving tapering pillar attaches to the inclining straight limb by a compass joint. Focus is to the stage by rack and pinion acting on the front side of the limb which has the rack machined into it. The substage condenser and mirror slide on box-shaped fittings along the limb. They can be locked in place by small knurled knobs. The stage is fitted with a U-shaped stage clip which attaches through the stage with two sliding pins, allowing it accommodate a variety of thicknesses. There is also a Bonani-type spring stage to accept bone sliders. There are three holes off small extensions of the flat stage to fit the accessories. In this case a stage forceps, a magnifying glass and a fish plate are shown. The arm fits through a slot in the limb and a knurled knob at the top of the limb acts on a compression fitting to hold the arm in place. The optical tube has a rotating wheel of objectives with each showing a number in a hole of the objective disc. Other accessories include bone sliders and a ‘talc box’ containing mica coverslips (talcs) and brass circlips to hold them in place. Broken down it is all housed in a hardwood case of dark brown color.

Height: from stand 49 cm,
Box dimensions : 24 x 35,5 x 10 cm

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