Brendel flower model Daphne


This flattering Brendel flower model of the Daphne arises from an ebonized stand with a blue label and a turned ebonized stem. The ebonized stem which rests in the stand leads to a naturalized green stem of the Daphne plant out of which the two pink flowers grow. Two flowers of papier-mâché are depicted in this model: the first full grown, the second cut in half depicting anatomy of the flower.

The label is signed:
No. 61 Daphne Mezereum L. VIII 1. Flos.Mezereum Seidelbast blüthen dalne, Daphne Bois gentil. Daphnaccae vetgr. 4 fach

It also has a second label, which is signed:
Lehrmittel institute Wilh. Schlüter Halle a S [Halle am Saale]

Height on stand: about 36 cm

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