Cuff-Style Nuremberg Microscope.


A Nuremberg microscope made of dark wood with a turned wood pillar that fits into a rectangular wood base. There is one drawer in the base, which has a bone pull handle. The main support pillar is turned wood that has a square base peg for insertion in the base. Surrounding the foot of the pillar is a circular decorative ring. At the top of the pillar is a decorative ivory topknot. The sample stage and microscope body are supported by sliding collars fixed with wooden jam screws. The microscope body support has two collars for added stability. Specimens are mounted in a wooden Bonanni spring stage.  The microscope body fits into a cardboard tube decorated with red leather that is intricately tooled. The microscope itself consists of two cardboard tubes, with the top tube nested inside the bottom. Each tube is covered in vellum and decorated with a dyed geometric pattern. The optics are typical of that era with single objective and eye lenses.  Samples were illuminated by a mirror mounted to the base. There are two mirrors on both side with a flat surface. The new instrument drawer contains one wood slide. 56 cm high and dated first half 19th C

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