Culpeper microscope in case, 19th century


A Culpeper microscope,George III type .This is a good example of the later design of the Culpeper microscope, with rack and pinion focusing. Below the brass microscope is a single concave mirror (with a lot of oxidation) in a gimbal on a peg that fit into a brass plate. A rack and pinion arrangement moves the body of the microscope up and down to focus.

The microscope is contained within a solid mahogany pyramid case ( 35 cm high) with a brass handle at the top and the original working lock. The microscope is constructed of brass on a mahogany base.  The microscope is fixed to the base with three diamond shaped feet which support the scrolled legs. The large scrolled legs support the circular stage with the scrolls above supporting the main body of the microscope.

The accessory drawer to the microscope contains the following accessories: 3 objectives. A set of stage forceps. 3 matching sliders, with slider ring-clips in one end and mica discs in the other. A Bonnani sprung stage.,a fish plae, a Lieberkühn collar, a cone diaphragm and a live box.



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