Forest Lamb

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Unsigned model of Forest lamb (Albatrellus ovinus). This lifelike mushroom model is made of Painted plaster on a black wooden stand. Probably manufactured by Somso around 1900. On the bottom of the botanical mushroom a description in German with characteristics of the cap, the stem, slats, spurs, odor, taste and common living and growing conditions. A comparable model is still made by Somso.

Albatrellus ovinus (commonly known as Sheep Polypore) is a terrestrial fungus found in western North America, and Northern Europe. When viewed from above, these polypores, exhibiting creamy white or grey-brown tones, might be confused with Wood Hedgehogs, Hydnum repandum. However, the caps frequently undergo such distortion that they resemble crumpled paper bags more than anything else. Historically known as the Sheep Polypore or Pied de Mouton (Sheep’s Foot), this peculiar mushroom has retained the tradition with its new English name, Forest Lamb. A shepherd with significantly impaired eyesight could potentially mistake them for distant sheep.

Dimensions: 12,5 x 12,5 x 7 cm.

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