Bearded seamine fungus model

On application

Unsigned model of the bearded seamine (Agaricus Tricholoma). The model is made of Painted plaster on a black wooden stand. Probably manufactured by Somso around 1900. On the bottom of the botanical mushroom a description in German with characteristics of the cap, the stem, slats, spurs, odor, taste and common living and growing conditions.

Ripartites tricholoma, popularly recognized as the bearded seamine, belongs to the fungus species within the Tricholomataceae family. Initially identified as Agaricus tricholoma in 1805 by Albertini and Lewis David von Schweinitz, it was subsequently reclassified under the genus Ripartites by Petter Karsten in 1879.[2] This fungus is distributed in North America and Europe, with documented collections in Costa Rica as well.

Provenance: Oberschule D. Kochstedt inv. no. 2215.

Dimensions: 11,5 x 12,5 x 12 cm.

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