Rudolph Koenig Wave-machines, 1880

On application

Three Wave Machine made by Rudolph Koenig, Paris. If you turn on the handle, you see a wave movement of with white-black paper. All three are different with the same measurements : 13,5 x 13,5 x 113 cm

1. A proper Signature on the handle, good working and you can cover a part of the wave with two slides ( not possible by the other two machines). Pictures 1 till 6.

2. This machine is signed on the mahogany turning handle but the extending mahogany handle is a replacement. Pictures 7 till 10.

3.This wave machine is in good working condition and original as well. There isn’t a Koenig signature on the mahogany handle, the other two wave machines are labeled. Picture 11 till 13.


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